Casita De Ana Maria Resort: Pansol,Laguna

Last December 31, my family and I went out of town to celebrate New Year. We only have a week to look for a place to stay and we just relied on the Internet to look for a private resort that we can book.

We stayed at Casita de Anna Maria resort in Pansol,Laguna. We found them through multiply site. The place looks nice and well maintained basing on the pictures that they have on their site and so we took our chance and paid the 50% down payment to book the place. And we were not disappointed when we arrived as the place is really nice.

They have a building with three floors. The first floor is where the kitchen, small dining area and the videoke are. At the second floor is the big function area and at the third floor is where all the rooms are. The rooms are just the typical rooms that you can find in basic hotels but they are clean and that is what is important for me. They only have one CR at the third floor and all the other bathrooms are located at the first floor. There are two shower area and one bathroom for each male and female restroom. They say their rooms can accommodate maximum of 35 pax. There are four double deck beds per room and each room has its own air conditioning unit.

They also have a big garden where you can park your cars and it is also where the kids played while they are not swimming. The pool is big and clean. The water is not that hot for a hot spring resort which is what we like but I think it will be too hot if it is summer time.

They have videoke machines, gas stove, grill, refrigerator and free WiFi internet. You have to bring your own cooking and dining utensils though if you want to cook your food.

The price to book the resort is P15,000 and the whole resort is for your own use for 24 hours. They don’t have a definite time for check in and check out unlike the other resorts that we checked so you can come in anytime and that is when your 24 hours will start.

We will definitely be back here, maybe for our next New Year celebration again.

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